2/3/1995: MADE A CHANNEL

Hey my dudes! I finally made a youtube channel. Just click here!

lol! Alright here is the actual link.

1/28/1995: bored

*siiiiiigh* I'm so bored. Yeah SURE today is a saturday but it's the worst timing EVER. UGH >:C

I had plans for the weekend yesterday and today was supposed to be the day I come over to Krisky's house. BUT NOPE Raptor JESUS had other plans and was like: "HEY I KNOW! I'll make it rain and spread it with mosquitos!! THAT WILL DEFINITELY HELP HUMANITY!"

You know if we gotten rid of mosquitos we would've colonised mars 10 years earlier. ;A;

I mean why do we have mosquitos? All they can just do is suck your blood and/or give you disease! Why exactly do we need to stay inside? Sure I know that the mosquitos are filled with corrosive acid but can't Pizza Dude just get rid of them all? Eh, oh well I least I have the internet. :)

Update (five minutes later): all the websites crashed except for my blog and an ad for viagra...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ( ≧Д≦)


Hey mah DUDES! Sorry I am a bit late with this kewl new bloggy thingy. But I have been so busy with my exams lately. Y'know the boring ol' RADZ test. Ugh! What's the point of taking it if I'm already graduating higher school?! >:C Well anyways besides all that boring college bogus, I got a new friend! I can't exactly pronounce his name because his name is:

Khristorozhdestvensky Rodriguez Szymański Brzęczyszczykiewicz Agapeetus Bobby Suigyōmatsu haxx0rz MIDI Batishchev Vyrypayev Wiśniewski Ponomarenko the 45th Wally

...or Krisky the Hacker.

I was very suspicious that wasn't even his real name until he told me he was from Florida...which made too much sense. (I honestly have no idea of how should I feel about it but I'm getting off-topic)

I really liked him because we have so many things in common! SUCH AS:

  • E.T.! (the video game)


Ok actually I lied about that part. I'm actually way fatter than him and he's WAY more built than me. I mean if you were me and met Krisky. Your jaw would LITERALLY POP OUT and ran up to Krisky to smother itself in Krisky's high definition abs of steel. THAT'S HOW MUSCULAR HE IS. I'm not even exaggerating it! Because one of my old english teachers saw a glimpse of Krisky's abs and 5 seconds later he was sent to the hospitol and DIED! I mean the abs are so...HD that 5 girls just turned into stone. I have no idea if I should be amazed or afraid. So yeah I just got a new friend and maybe even BFFs FOREVER.

1/21/1995: Hello world! OwO

This is my first website and I can't WAIT to put some RADICAL CONTENT, mah DUDES! Also here's some Tiddy.

hello just testing